2,000 Words this Morning

By , @Writing2Day

For the moment, I’ve cleared my plate of work obligations that need to be done from home and finished up the in-laws website.  Now, back to my writing!  Just got done typing in 2,000 words from Chapter 2.  I think this has been a good choice to retype, as I am really reading what I have written (twenty years ago).

I’m using yWriter5 this time around.  It’s so funny when I think about it.  I originally typed this into a typwriter style word processor and thought it was the best thing ever!  Ooy, now I couldn’t even imagine looking at that little itty bitty window.  Somehow I managed to save everything to floppy A’s and get it loaded in Word.  However, there are occasional strange symbols lurking in place of some of the words, so the retype is catching all of those.  So far, I am likeing yWriter5 and the scene breakdowns.

I would be curious to know what writing software others are using.  Please feel free to share which one you prefer.

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