I Think the Fish Are Calling My Name

By , @Writing2Day

The sun is coming up and a cool, crisp breeze is wafting in the house windows. Both my boys (husband & son) are still asleep but they went to bed last night knowing that I would be waking them up early. I am probably the most dedicated fisherman in the family. Ever since I was a little girl, I would sit by the lake for hours even if the fish weren’t biting.

Morning time at the lake is always so peaceful.  We are usually the only ones there when we arrive early enough. No boaters are around to stir things up and it is a great time to sit back with a cup of coffee and take it all in. This is the best time of day to see the pelicans and grebes floating by in all their glory. I will never tire of them suddenly emerging from the mist that hangs over the lake. At this hour, they seem to accept you as part of their world and do not startle, but leisurely continue their swim up the shore.

As an adult, I have found that when I am sitting beside a lake any problems I might be stewing over simply go away. I’m not quite sure how this works.  It’s not a conscious decision not to sit there and mull over problems. For some reason this is the spot where I am just able to relax in the moment (usually hours). This is the true enjoyment I get from fishing. If I happen to feel that sudden yank on my line, it’s just a bonus.

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