Need to Make Time to Write

By , @Writing2Day

Oy, it seems a couple of weeks have gone by and I haven’t written anything. I just recently purchased Dramatica Pro to help me with the rewrite of my novel. I absolutely love the program but it does take a bit to wrap one’s mind around the theory, etc. Work has been gobbling up my time lately and then I started the Body by Vi 90 Day Health Challenge as a distributor so I’ve been spending time learning as much as I can about the business and the products. I am happy to say that I’ve lost just over five pounds since starting the challenge two weeks ago. Yeah me! Sitting at a computer all day long is doing nothing for my waistline.

So much these days is centered around the computer. I sit in front of a computer almost all day at my job, then there’s email, facebook, checking out the latest headlines on MSN, and writing. The list goes on. I really shudder when I think of the days of my life that have been spent in front of a computer. I think I need to get out more. Actually I think I better schedule time to get out and take a brisk walk. Pretty soon it will be too cold up here in South Dakota to enjoy walking outdoors and I’ll have to resort to the treadmill. I guess the point is that I’m going to have to schedule time to do the things I enjoy or they won’t get done. I’d be curious how my fellow writers combat their expanding computer booties?

To our writing success! – Kendra

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