Oh My Aching Fingers and Back!

By , @Writing2Day

My goal for the day was to do an entire chapter. 9,857 words later the first draft of Chapter 7 is done. A huge pat on the back for myself although now I think I need a masseuse! Does anyone else get really tense between the shoulder blades when doing an extended session of typing? Really wish I could figure that one out.  Love, love, love to write but maybe I will have to take more frequent breaks. I’m thinking maybe once I get the rest of the WIP typed in, the typing pace will slow down and solve the aching back and fingers problem.

I had to take a look at my daily progess log and I’m now up to 62,487 words. With my projection of roughly 120,000 words total that means I’m over the hump.  If I could just write a little over 1,200 words per day, my rough draft will be finished by mid-September.  Seems it would be much easier on the back/finger issue if I would write everyday instead of playing catch up on the weekends.  I’ve got three days off in the middle of this week, so we’ll see what sort of progress is made.

I am all about goal setting and the Word Count Target and Daily Progress Log is one feature of yWriter5 that I really like. When you’re looking at writing an entire novel the prospect can be overwhelming. But, when it’s broken down into 1,200 words per day it doesn’t seem nearly as unattainable.

I’m thinking about posting Chapter 1 on my blog for comments and feedback. Has anyone out there done this? Did you find it helpful? Would also love any tips for the aching back, lol!

Best of writing success to you all,

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