Random Thoughts: What Role Do You Play in Your Dog’s Life?

By , @Writing2Day

It’s 5:15 on Saturday morning and I feel a cold, wet nuzzle on my hand that’s dangling over the edge of the bed. Does she wake anyone else in the family? Does she even try? No! She knows it will get her no where. We seem to have an unspoken language whereupon I am her Beck & Call Door Lady. This is my role and I do not let her down for I know it is fruitless. She will pester me without saying a word (whine, whimper, or the dreaded toenails click, click, clicking on the wood floor) until I relent.

My daughter is her go to for any type of human food. It is really quite comical to see her stand beside her and put her nose mere millimeters from Arielle’s plate and turn those big, brown eyes up at her. How can she resist? She usually doesn’t for long. It works and Jazz knows this! She also somehow instinctively knows it will not work on me.

Then there is the boy. The boy named Hudson used to be feared with all of his crashing of cars and other loud noises. She ran and hid the day we brought Hudson home from the hospital and he let out his first cry for her ears! Now the boy has discovered popcorn for an afternoon snack and suddenly Jazz has found she can overcome that fear and snuggle up right next to him hoping for a kernel to be tossed (or dropped) her way. A new friendship has been born.

My husband is her personal easy chair. This may be because his is the only lap big enough to actually hold her. Jazz is a full grown golden retriever so as you might imagine she is no longer really a lapdog…but don’t tell her that! He is also the truly delegated popcorn feeder because he will actually share the whole bowl with her instead of just tossing a kernel here and there.

So I ask, has your dog delegated certain roles to each member of your family?

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