Six Sentence Sunday 8/28/2011

By , @Writing2Day

From my work in progress: April leaves the party to meet a new suitor.

Surrounded by darkness, she had to pick her way carefully through the garden. The moon had gone behind the clouds leaving no light to help guide her way. The night was still as could be and a dense fog had already rolled in off the ocean. The laughter and music from the house slowly faded away as she made her way towards the stables. Up ahead she thought she heard a branch snap and nervously giggled at herself for being so spooked. The outline of the stables loomed in the distance and she quickened her pace as she reached the pasture.

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6 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 8/28/2011”

  1. Wow. Beautifully written!

  2. Fantastic six! You really get a sense of the anticipation!


  3. Vivid imagery that really sets the scene. I’m wondering what’s she going to do next?

  4. I like the giggle at being spooked 😉

  5. Kendra Leah says:

    Awesome! Thank you very much for the follow.

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