Six Sentence Sunday 9/11/2011

By , @Writing2Day
From my work in progress: After years filled with frustration and lack of intimacy, Cory wrestles with the decision to leave his wife.

He could see the moonlight shining though the open door to his study and he went inside without consciously knowing where he was going. A pile of logs were waiting to be lit in the fireplace. He knelt down and struck a match to the kindling and stared absently into the fire, watching the flames flicker amongst the logs, trying to find a foothold. When the fire caught, he raised himself slowly to his feet and walked behind the desk to his favorite leather chair. He slumped into the chair heavily and rested his head in his hands, deep in thought. His mind was miles away wrestling with the decision he had to make when he felt another presence in the room with him.

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3 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 9/11/2011”

  1. Good description. I can feel his angst.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Wonder who’s in the room with him

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