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It’s 6:30 Already? Say It Isn’t So!

Sunday, March 11th, 2012
By , @Writing2Day

Ah yes, Daylight Savings Time has begun. I am a morning person. I can’t remember the last time I set an alarm to get up in the morning. I just naturally wake up in the wee hours and relish the quiet time to myself before the demands of the rest of the household kick into high gear. I feel cheated if I accidentally sleep in until 6:00 and only have two hours to myself before I have to get ready for work. So this morning when I awoke and the clock read 3:43, I thought to myself, “I better get up. It’s already 4:43.”
It seems a couple of hours have gone by already. I’ve browsed through Facebook, made my moves in Words With Friends and Scrabble, read the latest news headlines on MSN, and now I’m pondering why it is that I haven’t written anything for the past six months. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my story, I started a novel twenty-six years ago. I spent the time leading up to my six month hiatus retyping my work in progress (all 99,911 words) because it was originally created on a word processing typewriter. Now it seems I’ve lost my gumption about this particular work in progress.
I feel strongly that I should finish it. Only a few more chapters to go and the first draft will be complete. After going through the retype, I feel there are definitely areas that shine and many more areas that need some major restructuring. Also, it has occurred to me that the story I was writing when I was twenty does not hold the same enthusiasm for me at forty-six.
So here in lies my conundrum. Do I finish it just for the sake of finishing it? Or, do I scrap it and start on one of the fresh ideas that are floating around in my head? I also have to ask myself if nearing the end of the project is bringing about the fear of rejection, it’s not good enough thoughts, etc. It is quite possible this is playing into my hiatus, as well. I would be curious to know if any fellow writers have found themselves in the same predicament with a work in progress spanning twenty-six years? One other question, “Do any of you work on multiple projects at the same time?”
I love to write, always have. However, it seems I have a major problem committing myself to getting the final project complete. I tend to let everything else in life take over and put my writing on the back burner. Writing for me can be very therapeutic. I was hoping that putting these thoughts to the blogosphere would somehow help me realize which path to take. Alas, I am no closer to figuring it out but at least I have posted a blog entry worth about 500 words. For now that will have to be a step in the “write” direction.