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4. What’s in a Name? Choosing Your Business and Domain Name

Monday, July 9th, 2012
The Closet Entrepreneur by Kendra Leah Fuller

By , @Writing2Day

Once you have chosen the product or service niche for your online business and further researched the availability and profit potential for those products, it is time to choose a name for your business and your online domain.

Pull out your notebook and start brainstorming again. The name you choose should be a definite reflection of the items or services you are selling. Repeat after me, “My business is about my products or services, it is not about me.” Your potential customers will be searching for your products or services, they will not be searching for you. Yes, you have to sell yourself as someone they can trust but this will be conveyed indirectly through the professionalism of your website and the excellent customer service you are going to provide. (more…)