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7. New Business Checklist: Things to do Before You Open for Business

Monday, September 10th, 2012
The Closet Entrepreneur by Kendra Leah Fuller

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Before you launch your online store there are a few loose ends you’ll need to tie up. First, you need to decide how your business will be organized. Is your business going to be a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation? If it’s going to be a corporation, what type of corporation suits it best? I am not going to get into a lengthy discussion on the advantages or disadvantages of the different types of business organizations. However, I do have a few observations to offer. (more…)

Building an Author Platform Landed My First Book Deal

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Writer at WorkBy , @Writing2Day

“If you can get that to me by the end of the week, you’ll have a happy editor.”

Those words sent to me in an email elicited such a feeling of joy, as it started to sink in that I have an editor. Wow, I have an editor! A few days ago the contract was emailed and the same feeling hit again. Wow, my first book contract! If you’re an aspiring writer, you know how much you long to hear those words. I’m sure even successful writers with many books under their belt can still remember the feeling that came with the first deal. (more…)

6. Domain Name Forwarding (Get Your Customers to Your Website Not Your Competitors)

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
The Closet Entrepreneur by Kendra Leah Fuller

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Now that you’ve researched and chosen the products you are going to sell online, picked out a business and domain name, and chosen your shopping cart and web hosting service, it’s time to wrap up a couple of loose ends before you launch your online store.

Purchase and Forward Similar Spellings and Common Misspellings of Your Domain Name
Let’s think about your domain name for a moment. You may want to forward similar spellings, common misspellings and different extensions to your domain name. Here’s an example of a typical forward for misspelled domains. Xanadu’s is pronounced Zanadu’s. My main domain was I did not want to miss repeat business because somebody could not remember the correct spelling  (more…)