To Blog a Book or Book a Blog, That is the Question

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I recently watched the free webinar “How to Blog a Book” from Writer’s Digest with guest speaker Nina Amir, author of  How to Blog a Book. Blogging a book should not be confused with booking a blog which entails turning your old blog posts into a book. Blogging a book means to actually write your book manuscript in a series of blog posts.

This is an idea that I have been tossing around for quite some time and when I saw this webinar on the subject, I jumped on it. There are a couple of things that intrigue me about blogging a book. First, I like the accountability factor of committing to a post a day, or even a post a week for longer posts. Second, it seems like a really good way to potentially build an audience or market for your book before it is published in typical fashion.

I do have a slight concern about putting my manuscript out there as I go and having it stolen. About a year ago I did a post on the Pirating of Kind eBooks (people stealing other peoples work and republishing as their own eBook). And, I have been a victim of content theft on a much smaller scale so I know this actually happens.

When I had my online retail store, I kept receiving emails that were meant for another store.  So I started digging a little further into the site the emails were generated from, only to find that they had copied several pages of content that I had written directly from my website and pasted it into theirs.  Apparently they weren’t savvy enough to change the email links that they copied.  If not for this, I never would have known. I digress…

These concerns probably won’t keep me from blogging my book. I am still mulling the idea over and my gut is telling me to go for it. I am in the process of reading Ms. Amir’s book and highly recommend it and the free webinar if this is something you are considering. I am curious to know if any of you are blogging a book, booking a blog, or considering it? What are your thoughts and concerns on the idea?

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