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Time Management and Social Media Marketing

Monday, February 17th, 2014
The Closet Entrepreneur by Kendra Leah Fuller


Do you sit down at your computer to take care of your social media marketing and look up to find that an hour or two, or maybe more, has flown by? There is no question our time spent on social media, personally and professionally, is growing.

If you look at my contact page, you will see no less than six different social profiles that you can connect on with me. This list does not include LinkedIn yet, so that puts us up to seven. When I set up my Google+ profile it gave me the ability to create pages, so I added two of those. Google states that the Google+ profiles are supposed to be used for personal reasons only, thus the reason I set up the pages. From what I can see, people do not follow this rule and I am really thinking about eliminating those separate pages – just two more things to look after. (more…)

Use Google Authorship to Boost Your Content in Google Search

Thursday, January 30th, 2014
The Closet Entrepreneur by Kendra Leah Fuller

By , @Writing2Day

Recently, I added Google+ to my armory of social media marketing. I did have an account set up but it was linked to YouTube after Google bought them out. This would not be a problem if my son was not so into watching and commenting on Mind Craft videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, those comments were showing up on my Google+ profile which does not look good on a professional page.

I really had discounted Google+ only because I am already feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with the many different social media platforms nowadays. While doing research, I came upon a term I had not heard before – Google Authorship. My curiosity was peaked so away I went on the web to find out what it is all about.  (more…)

Beyond Pay Per Click: Advertise your eBook for Free on Plugboards

Sunday, July 10th, 2011
The Closet Entrepreneur by Kendra Leah Fuller

By , @Writing2Day

A good online marketing campaign incorporates many different advertising venues such as, pay per click, banner ads, and social networking. Along with paid advertising, there are many places a person can advertise for free online. After ten years of doing business on the internet, I thought you couldn’t teach this old dog any new tricks…enter plug boards.

This neat little tool is very simple. Basically, it is a board of advertising that someone is displaying on their website or blog. All you need is the right size image, along with the url for that image (where it resides on the internet) and the url of the page you want to link to.
To find out the url for your image, right click on it then click properties. You will see the http:// address for the image. Just copy and paste it into the form on the plug board. Obviously, you can only do this with images you have the right to distribute. (more…)

Beyond Pay per Click: Create a Buzz with Social Marketing on Facebook

Friday, July 8th, 2011
The Closet Entrepreneur by Kendra Leah Fuller

By , @Writing2Day

Ask any business owner what is the best form of free advertising they can think of and they will invariably respond with “Word of Mouth”. Known as “Viral Marketing” on the internet, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter should be used to create a buzz for business services and products.

The first step in creating your business page is to go to Towards the bottom right of the page, under the Sign In button, you will see a link to “Create a Page for a celebrity, band, or business. Click this link, choose the type of business from the drop down menu, name your page, and click “Create Official Page”. (more…)