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Voyageurs National Park Photo Gallery

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Voyageurs National Park is such a beautiful and peaceful destination. We took our trip there during the last week in September 2014 and almost completely had the resort to ourselves. Below is a glimpse of the beauty we enjoyed. I will be adding more photos in the coming days.

Day Trip to Yellowstone from Grand Teton National Park

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Lower Falls, Yellowstone

View of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and Lower Falls from Artist Point.


If you have never been to Yellowstone National Park, it is only about a 40 minute drive away from Grand Teton National Park and I highly recommend taking a day to hit some of the highlights there. This is definitely a day trip as you do not get anywhere fast in Yellowstone (why would you want to?) due to the traffic and the massive size of the park. As in Grand Teton National Park, spring and fall are definitely less crowded.  (more…)

Dreaming of Springtime in Grand Teton National Park

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
Taggart Creek Footbridge, Grand Teton National Park

Water rushing under the footbridge on Taggart Creek from the spring snow melt along the Taggart Lake Trail, mid-May.


As the weather is beginning to warm here in the Midwest, my mind can not help but wander to Grand Teton National Park. I told my husband this morning, “I don’t think I can stand it if we don’t make it out to the Tetons this year.”

Springtime in Grand Teton National Park is glorious as the mountains and wildlife emerge from their winter hibernation. Mountain and valley streams and rivers are running full with the snow melt. Newborn leaves shimmer in brilliant contrast to their still exposed branches. When most of us think of spring, we think March, April, and May. Spring in Grand Teton National Park does not follow the norm. For the most part it emerges at some point in May and lasts into June. (more…)

Destination Relaxation: Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Thursday, February 6th, 2014
Grand Teton National Park

Moose, Wyoming – Located in the Northwest corner of Wyoming lies a beauty that rises majestically above the valley floor – Grand Teton National Park. If you’re looking for a place to take your summer vacation or planning a family reunion destination, Grand Teton National Park is the perfect Destination Relaxation. You’ll enjoy the peaceful tranquility of majestic mountain views, crystal clear lakes and mild summer climate. In addition to fishing, hiking, river rafting and abundant wildlife, you’ll enjoy fine dining, spa treatments and more. (more…)

Grand Teton National Park Easy Hikes with Big Rewards

Monday, January 20th, 2014
Easy Hikes with Big Rewards, Grand Teton National Park

Click to print or save for a quick reference when you’re planning your trip to Grand Teton National Park.

By , @Writing2Day

No matter what your fitness level, there are many hikes to be enjoyed in Grand Teton National Park. Best of all, you do not have to be a mountain climber to enjoy the beautiful vistas, canyons, and waterfalls in the park.

Be Prepared
Weather can and does change rapidly in the mountains. Take along extra clothing when hiking into the higher elevations, wear sunscreen, and take plenty of water and high energy snacks. If you are planning a long hike, start in the morning and keep your eye on the time. You do not want to be caught on the trail after dark.

Be Bear Aware
You will notice these signs everywhere in the park. Take them seriously. At certain times of the year, some trails may be closed due to increased bear activity. Park rangers put on bear safety presentations which you should consider attending. Whenever you are hiking in the park always take along bear spray, know how to use it, have it immediately available, and talk or make noise while you hike. Never hike alone.

Lakeshore Trail Hike at Colter Bay, Jackson Lake
This flat, 2.0 mile loop trail follows the shoreline along a peninsula in Colter Bay. You will enjoy beautiful views of Mount Moran across Jackson Lake and reflections in Colter Bay. The trail begins on a paved service road near the boat docks at the Colter Bay Marina.

Heron Pond and Swan Lake Hike
If you enjoy waterfowl, wildlife, and water lily covered ponds, this hike is for you. Look for trumpeter swans, beaver, moose, and bears. This relatively flat hike starts at Colter Bay Village and is a 3.0 mile loop.

Willow Flats Shuttle or Loop Hike
When snow still covers the mountain trails in the spring, the Willow Flats area west of Jackson Lake will be snow free and ready for hiking. The willows and marshes are prime habitat for a variety of wildlife. Look for moose, sandhill cranes, beaver, bears, and other wildlife. The area is, as the name suggests, flat and it can get rather warm trekking through the flats and open meadows due to the lack of shade trees so you may want to choose a cooler day for this hike. (more…)

Plan Your Trip to Grand Teton National Park

Saturday, January 11th, 2014
Click to print or save as a quick reference for planning your trip to Grand Teton National Park.

Click to print or save as a quick reference for planning your trip to Grand Teton National Park.

, @Writing2Day

I have truly lost track of how many times I have vacationed in Grand Teton National Park. I think it might be six? As we climb towards Togwotee Pass after leaving Dubois and entering the Shoshone National Forest, I am on the edge of my seat with each new bend in the road thinking this will be the one that finally reveals the Tetons in all their majesty.

It is a wondrous site to behold. It never fails that I find myself wondering what it must have been like to be a fur trapper or explorer who had just climbed this far only to see the massive Tetons looming before them across the valley floor of Jackson Hole. I think I would have decided this is where the journey ends and taken out a claim at the base of the Tetons.

I have vacationed many places throughout my lifetime but I always have to fight with myself not to return to Grand Teton National Park. If it wasn’t so far away from family and friends, I very well may have moved here by now. Fair warning – Grand Teton National Park is a hard place to leave. But a vacation here is the trip of a lifetime. (more…)

Grand Teton National Park Photo Gallery

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013
By , @Writing2Day

When I was asked to write the manuscript for the History of Grand Teton National Park, one of my first thoughts was, “That means I will get to take some working vacations there to research. Sign me up!” Since I was a young girl, the park has called my name. I love it so much, I have to force myself to go other places on vacation. I thought I’d share some of my favorite photographs from my “research” trips. I hope you enjoy!
Viewing Tip: If you do not see the arrows on screen to navigate the gallery, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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The Haunted Bullock Hotel in Deadwood: My First Official Ghost Hunt

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota

Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota

By , @Writing2Day

Built in 1895 by Seth Bullock, the first sheriff of Deadwood, his ghost is said to still play host to hotel guests and keep the hotel staff on their toes. My first stay at the Bullock Hotel was in 2009. I was actually a little bit leery to stay in a place that claims to be haunted as throughout my life I have had enough experiences with strange happenings to know that I am somewhat open to other worldly beings. At the same time, I must say I definitely had a sense of nervous anticipation that I might actually see an apparition.

The hotel did not disappoint. Every time that my husband and I would stand outside the door to our room, I could very distinctly feel the floor vibrating while my husband felt nothing. On the second night of our stay in room 302, I awoke to the strange feeling that someone was in the room with me and a male voice very clearly said, “Hi, Kendra.” It was strange that although this was definitely pretty freaky, it really didn’t scare me. My husband was still heavily snoring beside me and I got up to use the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, I could hear the footsteps of someone walking back and forth outside the bathroom door. When I emerged, my husband was still in a deep sleep just as I had left him.

I related my story to our waitress the following morning at breakfast and she got me the book that the hotel keeps with stories from guests who have had experiences in the hotel. I knew that I had definitely had my name called out but could tell that my husband was really wondering if I had gone slightly off my rocker. It was very self-affirming to find that other guests who had stayed in the same room as we did had experienced the exact same thing. It is important to note that I had not seen this book or heard that Seth will sometimes call out a person’s name until after I had experienced it myself.

Forward to 2012. I was perusing Facebook when I saw an ad to come Ghost Hunt the Haunted Bullock Hotel with Chad and Mary Beth of American Ghost Hunter. My daughter and I are avid watchers of Paranormal State and I recognized Chad as the cameraman. Knowing that I had experienced something on my last stay, I immediately called my daughter and booked our tickets.

A wonderful weekend was had hiking in the Black Hills, souvenir shopping, taking old-time photos, singing karaoke and making some awesome new friends. Chad and Mary Beth are very gracious and easy to be around, as was the rest of group of more “experienced” ghost hunters. After having dinner at the Deadwood Social Club above Saloon #10, we all reconvened at the Bullock to head down to Seth’s Cellar and begin our investigation.

All of the lights were off except for some light coming from the exit sign and some light coming from under the doors. The K2 EMF (electromagnetic field) Detector and Tri-axis Detectors were on and waiting to hopefully light up. I must say that my daughter and I totally held hands the whole time! Any spirits were asked to make their presence known and we did get several small noises in response and the meters did light up many times during the hour. Questions were posed during several taped EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) sessions. It is thought that the recorder can pick up voices that the human ear can not detect. We were not disappointed as several instances were recorded of a male voice responding, “Hey.” The group then moved up to Chad and Mary Beth’s room on the third floor of the hotel (supposedly the most haunted floor) but not much new happened up there and it was decided it was time for a toddy and some karaoke.

For me the most notable thing that happened on day one happened in the middle of the afternoon in our hotel room. After a day spent hiking and knowing we would be up late, my daughter and I decided to take a nap around 4:00. We were both wakened suddenly around 5:30 to the sound of hammering above our bed. I told my daughter that they must be hanging a picture above the bed in the room against ours (our headboard was back to back with the headboard in room 302 which I had stayed in previously). We both went back to sleep unfazed as this was a perfectly logical explanation. When we went downstairs I decided to ask the hotel clerk on duty if there had been any maintenance in room 302 that afternoon and related the hammering going on. After asking us what time this happened, she informed us that the guests in that room had not checked in until 7:00 and there had not been any maintenance in the hotel for a few weeks. The room had been totally empty! It is said that Seth does not like it when the hotel staff is idle. Is it possible that he was waking us from our afternoon nap?

A couple of other things that are interesting to note is that everyone on the third floor was complaining about how hot it was. We had the temp set at 50 degrees in our room and it was still showing 75. After leaving Chad and Mary Beth’s room to return to ours, there was a definite chill felt in the hallway outside of our room. Also, my daughter and I both woke up at the same time in the middle of the night. I was thinking I needed to put my foot under the covers so nothing would be able to brush it while I slept and Arielle told me that she couldn’t be sure but she was pretty positive something had just brushed her foot which had been dangling outside the covers.

Before we went to sleep, we had an “evidence” review. Arielle had taken several pictures downstairs in Seth’s cellar. The one that particularly caught our eye was one taken looking at the bar and mirrored wall behind it. There was no one else standing around when she took the picture but in the photo there is very clearly a little boy or girl standing next to her with their hands over there eyes. I said to her, “It looks like they are playing peekaboo with you.” When we went back to Seth’s Cellar the following evening, we made sure there was absolutely nothing in the background that could have appeared in the photo.

This is the original photo taken in Seth’s Cellar at the Bullock Hotel. Do you see the child at my daughter’s elbow

This photo has been enlarged to make it easier to see what appears to be a child playing peek-a-boo with my daughter.

After returning home I did some research on child ghosts in the hotel. At one time, the basement of the hotel was used to house women and children who had smallpox. Apparently a little girl named Sarah lost her mother to the disease in the basement before she herself also was taken. Her ghost is said to still haunt the hotel and lure children into the basement to play with her. Another interesting note is that when we were taken into the tunnels down in the basement, I very clearly thought I heard a child’s voice say, “Mama, mama.”

Night #2 in the cellar began early for us as we decided to forgo dinner to do some extra investigating with ghost hunter Vicki. The lights on the meters went off quite frequently and several small noises were made. During an EVP session, I had asked if the spirit knew my name since it had called it out to me before. On playback you can very definitely hear the “K” sound and a breathiness afterwards that sounds like the rest of my name, but the breathiness could be conjecture on my part. As we were very intently listening to the playback of our EVP session, there was a whole hell of a lot of noise that came from a table about 8 feet from where we were sitting. Enough noise that we all three screamed and ran halfway up the stairs from the basement before we all started giggling at what ninnies we were being! It sounded to me like someone had scooched their chair back from the table and accidentally knock the table as they stood up causing a whole bunch of things to fall at the same time. Let me tell you, I was not sticking around to find out what the heck it was. I was out of there! We did return to the basement but other than the meters lighting up the rest of the session was uneventful.

During the group session that night, Chad reported that the table he was sitting at was vibrating, as well as his chair. Several people saw a shadow that kept reappearing behind the bar and passing in front of the reflection off of the Jagermeister light, totally blocking it out and then the light would reappear. I never did see this happen but several people including my daughter did. It is important to note that no one in the group was walking around. More EVP’s were captured and I’ll be curious to hear what Chad and Mary Beth discover from these. My daughter also got another picture of the mirror and this time there was a different face in it and one I can tell you that does not look very nice. Several people also reported that their cell phones and cameras turned on by themselves.

Do you see the creepy face looking at my daughter?

A zoom of the photo to the left. Interesting to note that even Facebook selected the face and wanted me to tag it















After some more toddies and karaoke, Vicki, Arielle and myself decided to head back down to the cellar by ourselves since we had luck that afternoon. When we got there, Jeff and Bob were already there so we joined them. For the next 45 minutes or so there was not much activity. Jeff and Bob decided to call it a night. It is interested to note that within minutes of them leaving, the EVP monitor started flashing. Is it possible that whoever was there with us was intimidated by a larger group? I’ve wondered if since my daughter is only 21, did the child ghost of Sarah feel more comfortable around her?

I really didn’t learn anything new as I already knew that there was something in the hotel. However, there is no doubt in my mind that something made a really big racket down in the basement while we were down there and was hammering on the wall behind our bed. In addition to the faces in the mirror captured on camera, we went all around the hotel taking pictures and have several with orbs in them, most notably an orb down by the floor outside of room 313 which is supposed to be the most haunted room in the hotel. As soon as my daughter gets her pictures uploaded I will add them to  this account. I’m looking forward to ghost hunting again with the crew.
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Destination Relaxation: Disney World & The Magic Kingdom

Saturday, September 24th, 2011
Click to visit the Disney World website for further information on attractions, resorts and reservations.

Children of all ages (and adults, too) will be enchanted, delighted and entertained when they enter the World of Walt Disney. Who among us doesn’t remember the anticipation we felt as a child while waiting for the Wonderful World of Disney movie to begin on many a Sunday evening? Times have changed, but the magic of Disney has not.

With all the different attractions, theme parks, restaurants and resorts, Disney has provided everything you need for a relaxing vacation. There are a wide range of places to stay to fit everyone’s budget and if you stay at a Disney Resort you won’t even need a rental car to visit all of the attractions.

Not Just for Kids!After a day spent at the parks, schedule a spa treatment to help soothe aching muscles and tired feet at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Enjoy a classic Swedish, Sports, customized Aromatherapy Massage or a nurturing Mother To Be Massage. Couples Massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu treatments are also available.Depending on your child’s age, you can hire an in room babysitter or schedule your child to participate in supervised activities while you relax and rejuvenate, or take in the fabulous nightlife and entertainment. Shopping, Entertainment & Fine DiningStep back in time to a 1940’s Atlantic coastal village and spend the day shopping on Disney’s Boardwalk, featuring the best in shopping, fine dining and entertainment.In addition to the fabulous entertainment you’ll find scattered throughout the theme parks, take in the nightlife at Pleasure Island. Spend an evening at the Pleasure Island Jazz Company, Comedy Warehouse or Mannequins Dance Palace, to name a few.
Disney World Theme Parks
With four unique and fascinating theme parks, you’ll want to spend at least a day at each. Below are some helpful tips to help you enjoy your visit. Please click the links above for details about each park and its attractions.The Magic Kingdom (Open 9:00AM-7:00, 8:00 or 9:00PM)Epcot (Open 9:00AM-7:00PM)Hollywood Studios (Open 9:00AM-7:00 or 7:30PM)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Open 9:00 AM-5:00PM)

Park hours can vary. Please check hours before visiting the park.

Helpful Tips for the Parks

  • Allow plenty of time for each park. You can easily spend a day at each, with a dip in the pool back at your resort before/after dinner. Keep in mind you are going to do a lot of walking and standing in line in the warm Florida sunshine. Small children can tire out easily and become cranky. Perhaps you should allow for two shorter days at the Magic Kingdom to keep everybody in a good mood.
  • Before you leave for your trip, purchase a book on the theme parks and familiarize yourself with ride locations, etc. The parks are big and having a general idea where you are going will cut down on wasted walking time.
  • Arriving at the park early and riding some of the main attractions, like Space Mountain, first will greatly reduce your “stand in line” time.
  • If you set aside two days for the Magic Kingdom, watch the parade on the first day and hit the popular rides during the parade on the following day to avoid long lines.
  • If you’re staying at a Disney Resort, take advantage of the Extra Magic Hour when some attractions are open to hotel guests only.
  • FASTPASS – Just pick up your designated ride time at the attraction and you can go enjoy the rest of the Park. When your ride time rolls around, come back to the FASTPASS entrance and have a great time.
Popular Ride Locations
TomorrowlandSpace MountainAstro OrbiterExtraTERRORestrial Alien EncounterFantasyland

Peter Pan’s Flight

Mad Tea Party

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Liberty Square

The Haunted Mansion

The Hall of Presidents


Splash Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain

Country Bear Jamboree


Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Caribbean

Swiss Family Treehouse

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This is just a partial listing of some of the many rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom. You’ll also want to check out the parade on Main Streeet during the day and the Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks and SpectroMagic Parade at night for a truly fantastic light show.Your favorite Disney characters can be found throughout the park at many different locations.

Where to Stay
Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel or a place to park the RV, you’ll find something to suit every budget and preference at the Disney World Resorts. For your convenience, we’ve listed them here according to budget. All resorts have pools, and on site restaurants starting with the Moderately Priced Resorts. Click the links for detailed resort descriptions, pricing and reservation information on the Walt Disney World website.

Value ResortsDisney’s
All-Star Movies Resort
All-Star Music Resort
All-Star Sports Resort
Deluxe ResortsDisney’s Animal Kingdom LodgeDisney’s
Beach Club Resort
Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Home Away from HomeDisney’s Beach Club VillasThe Villas at Disney’s Wilderness LodgeDisney’s BoardWalk Villas

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Other Deluxe ResortsWalt Disney World DolphinWalt Disney World Swan

Travel Suggestions

Stay at a Disney Resort and take the monorail or shuttlebus to the various parks. Unless you plan on venturing outside of the theme parks, you’ll save the expense of a rental car.

Enjoy your stay!

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Destination Relaxation: Elk, California & The Mendocino Coast

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
The Mendocino Coast

Approximately 144 miles North of San Francisco on California’s Highway 1, lies the quaint, seaside town of Elk. If you are looking for stunning ocean views and quiet serenity to get away from life’s everyday hustle and bustle, you’ve come to the right place. Redwood forests, lush green pastures, seaside cliffs and crashing surf make for one of California’s best kept secrets.

There is no quick way to get to Elk. Whether you take scenic Highway 1 up from San Francisco or come through wine country, you’ll be treated to winding roads along the Pacific Ocean’s cliffs and the Redwood Forests. Before you embark on your journey to Elk, spend a couple of days enjoying the highlights of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California

With so much to see and do in San Francisco, park your car and stay on Fisherman’s Wharf. From here you can walk or catch a cable car to many attractions and not have to worry about navigating the city in traffic. From the Wharf, you can take a cruise on the bay for spectacular Golden Gate Bridge views or cruise out to Alcatraz for a very interesting tour of the prison and grounds. Be prepared, you will need a jacket when you get out on the bay!

Afterwards, enjoy a meal at one of many restaurants with Bay views. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal or a more elegant dining experience, you will find some of the best cuisine right here on the wharf. Visit Ghirardeli Square and the Cannery for famous Ghirardeli Chocolate, unique shops and Bay view restaurants. There is even a History Museum of the City of San Francisco located on the 3rd floor.

No visit to San Francisco would be complete without hopping a cable car from the Wharf and touring the city. Be sure to get off at Lombard Street and take in the beautiful views, flowers and shrubs on the “crookedest street in the world.” Hop back on the cable car and continue on to Chinatown and downtown San Francisco, both offering abundant shopping opportunities. When you’re through, you can catch the cable car back down to the wharf for another evening of fine dining.

After spending a couple of days amongst all of the people in San Francisco, you should be ready to head out to the sparsely populated, slower paced environment on the Mendocino Coast and the town of Elk.

The route we suggest is a scenic loop that will bring you back in to San Francisco through wine country at the end of your trip. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausilito, heading North on Highway 1. Travel time to Elk is approximately 3 hours but you should leave in the morning allowing for a leisurely day spent at scenic overlooks and other attractions.

A must stop along the way is the Muir Woods National Monument located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The majestic Redwoods (shown below) tower above the forest floor in peaceful tranquility. An easy stroll through the park is the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs before your journey up the coast.

Map of the Elk, California Coastline
Muir Woods, California

With so many beautiful beaches on the way up to Elk, pack a picnic basket and plan to enjoy your lunch on the beach at Jenner.

Here the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean along this beautiful stretch of the Sonoma Coast. Throw down a blanket, stroll in the surf and let the kids look for seashells.

This area is known for its seal that mate here and raise their young on the offshore islands. During the seal season, Park Rangers conduct seal-watching excursions.

Back on the road to Elk. If you’re wondering if you’re ever going to get there, don’t worry – you will. But where are you going to stay? There are many Bed & Breakfasts, Inns and vacation properties in and around Elk. We highly recommend the Sea Escape ocean front vacation home (7426 State Highway 1). Info & Reservations

Enjoy all of the comforts of home with a complimentary bottle of wine from a local vineyard waiting to greet you. The owners of this property have thought of everything from a fully stocked spice rack in the kitchen, hot cocoa and coffe, to local area history books on the coffee table.

Feaures of the property include an outdoor hottub on this gorgeous deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You’ll want to relax and unwind here every evening under the stars. The deck is also the perfect place for whale watching during season. Inside, enjoy a romantic evening by the fireplace after you’ve cooked up your fresh catch of the day on the grill.

For an extra special treat, why not pamper yourself with an in-house massage by The Body Works.

The Sea Escape at Elk, California

Things To Do in the Elk Area

Ocean Kayaking

Launch through the surf at Greenwood State Beach on your own personal kayak tour of the Mendocino Coast. Glide through sea caves and kelp forests, see starfish, sea lions, birds, hidden beaches, ruins of the old shipping operations and incredible panoramic views of the Mendocino Coast. A professional guide will pilot your boat, so no experience is necessary. The standard tour is approximately two hours on the water and the cost is $95 per person. Longer outings, picnics and nighttime full moon tours are available by arrangement.
Visit Force 10 Ocean Tours for more info.

Horseback Riding on the Beach

Horseback Riding

Go for a private ride on spectacular Manchester Beach’s miles of unspoiled sand and surf. Rocks, driftwood, creeks, birds and seastacks dot this vast expanse of beach. Look for sea lions poking their heads out of the surf to take a peek as you ride by…you may quite possibly have the beach all to yourself for your ride. Or, take a private guided horseback ride through a beautiful mountain redwood forest in the inland coastal mountains of Elk. Ride on the Ross Ranch down roads and trails among the tall coastal redwoods. The Ross Ranch is situated in the hills high above the coast with sweeping views of the valleys and forests below. The friendly guides are locals to the area.

Visit Ross Ranch Beach & Redwood Forest Horseback Tours for more info.

Mendocino & Fort Bragg

Spend the morning shopping in Mendocino then head up to Fort Bragg for an afternoon of deep-sea fishing or board the Skunk Train for a ride back in time through the Redwoods. Weather permitting, boats leave daily out of Noyo Harbor. Get your catch cleaned before you leave and take it back to the Sea Escape to cook up on the grill. Depending on the time of year, you can fish for salmon, halibut, rock cod, albacore or go crabbing. Whale watching excursions are also available November-March.

The town of Elk features several wonderful restaurants, but you’ll want to check ahead and find out what nights of the week they are open. You absolutely must have breakfast at Queenie’s Roadhouse Cafe. If omelettes are your thing, their’s are absolutely delicious and the fresh squeezed orange juice is like a sip of heaven.

With so many things to see and do, you will hate to leave this beautiful place. Take the time on your way back to San Francisco to go on a wine tasting tour or two as you drive through the Anderson and Napa Valley Wine Regions. May we suggest the Husch Vineyards, a small family winery located in the Anderson Valley appellation of Mendocino County.

Enjoy your stay on the Mendocino Coast! Come back refreshed and relaxed with many wonderful memories to savor for years to come.
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