Six Sentence Sunday 9/18/2011

By , @Writing2Day
From my work in progress: A stranger sails into the bay who leaves April thoroughly flustered.

April placed Cassie in Mimi’s waiting arms and took off running down the beach. As she neared the wharf, she slowed to a walk, not realizing that the stranger was watching her approach while he worked. She could see him clearly now, his sinewy body glistened with sweat in the remaining sunlight. The ocean winds had long since swept the sun streaked hair away from his face and the stubble from his beard completed the unkempt look. When she reached the dock, he stood up straight and looked at her through eyes of turquoise which were so intensified by his bronzed complexion that she had to stop the gasp of surprise before it left her lips. The hypnotic effect of his eyes left her speechless and she had no idea how long she stood there before his powerful voice broke through her gaze.

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