Random Thoughts: Why is it So Hard to Share?

By , @Writing2Day

So, I’m having a new friend over for coffee this morning for the first time. We’ve known each other for years now but just recently have discovered that we have something more in common – a passion for writing. A fellow Indie writer, in my small little town in the cornfields, who knew! We actually got to talking at the store where I work and she emailed me some free writers tools. It was this email that prompted me to start writing again on my novel.

Coffee and sharing of a paragraph is on the agenda this morning along with bagels and cream cheese. I’ve gone out on a limb and suggested that maybe she bring along more than a paragraph. I am sure that once we get over the initial sharing block we will want to read more of what each other has written. Seems she has agreed and will come armed with more to read.

She out right told me that she doesn’t let too many people in (we’re talking making friends here), to which I replied, “Neither do I.” This could be interesting. At least she is much more talkative than I am so that will help. I’m on the shy side (extremely) and have become a master at getting people to talk about themselves. I don’t consider myself very good with chitchat, but I am good at help you to chitchat along through leading questions. The only time this strategy doesn’t work is when I run in to someone just like me who gives me one word answers instead of expounding a little bit. This soon becomes quite awkward!

I’m wondering if all writers, at least at first, have a hard time sharing what they have written? I know the point for most of us is to get our work published for thousands to read. So why is it so hard for me to share a little bit with someone I know. I think it’s because my writing is such a personal thing that comes from the heart and I’m afraid others won’t like what they read.

Seems to boils down to the fear of rejection. I would imagine this is not just about the book but comes from a personal fear, as well. I am curious if any of you other Indie’s out there have struggled with sharing your work and what you have done to overcome this fear? I would love to hear any comments or tips.

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